CSNVIDIA E9 Counter-Strike

Free Download – CSNVIDIA E9 SE

E9 Pro : Aim V2 / WallHack V2 / HeadShot Helper / AWP Helper / Customize settings / HD Textures / HD Weapons

E9 : HeadShot Helper / HD Textures / HD Weapons

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**NEW UPDATE 4/24/2017**

-Customize Aim settings
-nGuard Titan Fix
-WarGods Fix

World Best Counter-Strike. AGAIN.





nGuard TITAN. Persistent Protection.

nGuard TITAN protects you from amx_minne and VIRUSES!
nGuard TITAN will make you feel safe in any cs 1.6 server because your cs will be impossible to be destroyed.
The most powerful command that can destroy any counter-strike is nothing for nGuard TITAN.





nconnect v3.

nConnect 3.0 . The Fastest at it’s best.
nConnect 3.0 connect you 3x faster than the original CS 1.6.
With nConnect 3.0 you will not receive any errors when a map is changed!





ngui e9




nGui E9 Pro . Simply Amazing.

nGui meats a new refreshing design that will look more beautiful than ever before !
It’s the most beautiful nGui that we made and you will love it too !







nvidia e9 hd

nVidia High Definition

You can select HD or FPS models for WEAPONS !
Yes , you can! But even with HD weapons , you will still have more fps than others !
You can set HD Textures ON or OFF , your setting , your gameplay !
nVidia E9 reflects your style , you can configurate it how you want !


Headshot Helperezgif.com-video-to-gif (3)

Headshot Helper will make you one of the best players on the server.
With Headshot Helper you can kill 2X more people and no one will ban you !
Headshot Helper not only helps you to give more Headshots , but it will help your bullets to shoot in the opponent !




ezgif.com-video-to-gif (4)

AWP Helper

AWP Helper will help you to shoot better when you use AWP !
You can kill up to 2x more players using AWP Helper settings !





Wallhack V2ezgif.com-video-to-gif (5)

Wallhack V2 is so incredible! You will use it only when you keep „ALT” pressed !
That is a major improvement that will help you to appear CLEAN in admin photos !
Wallhack V2 makes players more easy to spot and it will give you MORE FPS !



Silent Aim V2ezgif.com-video-to-gif (6)

Silent Aim V2 will help you to give amazing headshots even if you don’t have much experience.
Silent Aim V2 make’s it more hard for admins to spot you with hacks and now it’s more stable.
Bugfix for : playing demos and crashing when trying to connect to a server!






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